PBE Axell PT-Tag

PBE Axell Enviromental Monitoring PT-Tag


The PT-TAG is a combined proximity detection and tracking tag which provides an all encompassing Safety and Tracking Solution.

Using multiple detection technologies, our Tags provide the most accurate and flexible Proximity Detection and Collision Avoidance, Tracking, and Monitoring for the industrial environment.

The PT-TAG is a PAS (Proximity Alert System) and tracking tag which utilizes multiple technologies: RFID, Electromagnetics, GPS, and RADAR (technologies are model dependent). Our PT-TAGs can interact with personnel, vehicles, and other assets. Each tag will have a unique ID and can be configured to include the person's name when managed through Vantage. Vantage records any incidents/occurrences reported by the PT-TAG(s) and can then be exported as a report for review.

PAS also provides extensive user definable reporting and data analysis capabilities through its own custom software package by recording all events. PAS has an optional integrated issuing centre that provides automated site entry/exit monitoring and control for approved personnel and vehicles.

 Tech Sheet
Operating Voltage: 3.7 Volts DC
Battery CHarge Time: 3.7 Volts DC
Technologies: RFID, GPS, EM, and/or Radar
Weight: 87.2g
Warranty: 1 Year