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PBE Axell Public Safety Tunnelling

PBE Axell provide made-for-purpose solutions for data & communication, safety & temporary power for the tunnelling sector throughout the contstruction phase as well as for permanent infrastructure.

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PBE has been active in the tunnelling market for more than 15 years, with 100's of deployed systems for the construction phase and permanent infrastructure...

Construction Phase

PBE Axell provide critical safety & temporary power solutions around the globe for the construction efforts of tunnels

Tunnel Construction Phase Solutions 

Permanent Infrastructure

Permanent safety & communication solutions can also be provided to maximise the protection & efficiency of the tunnel as well as the employees and transport within

Tunnel Permanent Infrastructure Solutions 

Increase Safety

Construction Phase

Identify potential hazards to both your vehicles and personnel before they present themselves via collition avoidance & tagging/tracking systems

Maximise Efficiency

Permanent Infrastructure

Support more communication devices at faster speeds, streamlining data flow throughout the entire tunnel

Guarantee Power

Construction Phase

Ensure your equipment remains reliably powered with our range of complete temporary power solutions designed for the construction sector, guaranteeing your tunnel project's power-on date

Improve Coverage

Permanent Infrastructure

Ensure the reliability of mission-critical network coverage throughout the entire tunnel, including full below ground signal coverage

PBE Spider Construction Phase Tunnelling Solutions:

Construction Phase

PBE Spider Collision Avoidance Solutions for Tunnel Construction

A complete proximity alert system for above and below ground detections

Enhanced safety, reduced risk

PAS utilises multiple detection technologies for increased detection, and reliability in confined underground environments. An innovative collision avoidance system capable of dectecting light vehicles, heavy vehicles, obstacles and personnel.

A complete proximity alert system for above and below ground detections. Enhanced workplace safety by reducing the risk of collision through asset and personnel detection and warning.

Collision Avoidance 
PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System) Logo


Construction Phase

PBE Spider Tagging & Tracking Solutions for Tunnel Construction

Accurately identify the location of your personnel and equipment

Installed in over 100 underground systems

PBE Axell's Tagging & Tracking systems are capable of providing the real-time location of equipment, personnel and vehicles. An integrated system provides valuable tools to managers with extensive data collection capabilities, real-time management and report generation. The technology can be used with an Emergency Preparedness System, Automatic Personnel Registration or as an Access Control System.

Tagging & Tracking 

Construction Phase

PBE Spider Temporary Power Solutions for Tunnel Construction

...with logistics in mind. Specialising in large-scale, hard-to-reach or isolated locations

Rapid, global, temporary power installations

PBE Axell containerised switchrooms distribute power at a wide range of voltages for tunnel construction equipment. This containerised modular solution is compact, easily transportable and offers immediate connection to the electrical grid without the need for permanent installations.

Temporary Power 

Temporary Power Products

  • Containerised Substations
  • Compact Substations
  • Containerised Switchrooms
  • Transformers
  • Distribution Boards & Motor Control Centres
  • Generators
  • Cables & Couplers

PBE Spider Permanent Infrastructure Tunnelling Solutions:

Permanent Infrastructure

PBE Spider Train Safety Solutions for Tunnels

Next generation railroad tunnel communication & data

Introducing PBE OMNIA - 3 systems in 1:

tunneling communications solutions

Positive Train

Tunnnel &
Service Voice

communications solutions for the tunneling industry


Your OMNIA system will be fully monitored through our proprietary monitoring system, VANTAGE. This system provides the operator with a full picture of system health in real-time down to the component level, allowing you to see potential issues before they become big problems.

Train Safety 

Permanent Infrastructure

PBE Spider Distributed Antenna Systems for Tunnels

State-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that provide a competitive edge

Enhanced wireless coverage

PBE Axell operates globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

Distributed Antenna Systems 


Permanent Infrastructure

PBE Spider LTE Solutions for Tunnels

Smart connectivity solutions to improve safety, sustainability, productivity & efficiency

Reliable, efficient, secure & flexible

A PBE Axell private LTE network creates a connectivity area within the tunnel, where all devices and machinery can be monitored and controlled. An LTE network increases flexibility without reliance on local providers to make changes, creating additional secure networks or moving devices from one network to another. Over traditional Wi-Fi systems LTE solutions provide improved handovers and roaming for all services below ground. A private LTE network allows control of network access, critical for securing data and device access. Private LTE allows for setting up specific levels of security access for different on-site members.

LTE Solutions 

Private LTE network solutions

Dedicated to maximising your:

Permanent Infrastructure

PBE Spider Leaky Feeder Solutions for Tunnels

Strong & flexible providing complete radio communication coverage

Simple, reliable voice & data communications

Radio waves travel through the air omnidirectionally, making radio in tunnel environments difficult. PBE Axell’s Leaky Feeder solves this problem by forming an antenna that is installed throughout the tunnel, providing complete radio communication coverage by ‘leaking’ radio signals throughout the environment.

Leaky Feeder Solutions 
PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System) Logo


Permanent Infrastructure

PBE Spider Wireless Network Solutions for Tunnels

Minimise deployment & maintenance costs while maximising integrity

Wi-Fi & Mesh Systems

High-speed internet and data connectivity has become the expected norm in the field, with technology constantly improving. PBE ensures that underground wireless communication systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement. Industrial grade mesh and Wi-Fi solutions can be deployed within the confined space tunnel environment.

Wireless Networks 


PBE Axell Public Safety Tunnelling Case Studies

PBE Spider Brisbane Airport Link, Australia

Cellular and public safety coverage system

PBE Axell provided both a cellular and public safety coverage system to Australia's largest road infrastructure project. This solution had to support both multi-operator coverage as well as radio broadcast for the emergency and security services.

PBE Spider Lainz Tunnel, Austria

VHF and digital wireless system

PBE Axell provided To implement a VHF and digital wireless system in the Purkersdorf switch hall with Kapsch CarrierCom for the national Austrian railway operator ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen).

PBE Spider Lincoln & Holland Tunnels, NY, USA

Wireless coverage

PBE Axell was involved in providing coverage for the PCS cellular services which later had to be upgraded to support the new requirements that would allow the 3rd generation Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band to be added.

PBE Axell provide safety, data, communication & power solutions for tunnelling

For the construction phase & permanent infrastructure