PBE Spider Campus

Meeting students' expectations for communication

Delivering high-capacity wireless coverage across school, college & university campuses has become a key requirement for both students & organisations across the world...


PBE Spider Cellular

Unleashing the power of mobile connectivity

Mobile connectivity has become an integral part of modern-day living. With the ability to access information and services anytime, anywhere, people rely heavily on their mobile devices. PBE Axell provide critical wireless communication solutions to network providers, making cellular coverage faster, more available & more reliable...


PBE Spider Construction

Maximising the safety & efficiency of construction

PBE Axell provide innovative safety, communications & power solutions supporting some of the largest construction efforts in the world such as the Panama Canal expansion project, Crossrail (UK) and Sydney Metro...


PBE Spider In-Building

Keep up with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth

80% of cellular demand is inside of buildings, fast-and-reliable cellular coverage is a basic expectation. PBE Axell deliver a range of products for in-building markets featuring wireless and public safety coverage that keep vital systems and communications operational at all times...


PBE Spider Mining

Creating safer, more connected mines... globally

Advanced mining technology for safety systems, communications & data networks to the mining industry. PBE has mining solutions to make mine sites more efficient, productive and safe... above and below ground...


PBE Spider Public Safety

Supporting mission-critical public safety operations

PBE Axell provide a range of communication solutions for first responders & emergency services that deliver a seamless & reliable experience with high-bandwidth wireless connectivity supporting mission-critical operations...

Public Safety 

PBE Spider Stadium

Meeting visitors' evolving expectations for wireless connectivity

Delivering reliable, high-capacity wireless coverage throughout stadium environments, meeting the needs of tens of thousands of people simultaneously using the internet to share their experience...


PBE Spider Transport

Supporting passengers' demand for seamless connectivity on the move

Modern communications has revolutionised the transport industry by providing real-time information to improve safety, efficiency, and customer experience. From remotely tracking vehicles to enabling communication between drivers and controllers, wireless technology has become an essential component of modern-day transportation systems, allowing for better decision-making and increased productivity...


PBE Spider Tunnelling

Deploying systems in the tunnelling market for more than 15 years

PBE Axell provide made-for-purpose solutions for data & communication, safety & temporary power for the tunnelling sector throughout the contstruction phase as well as for permanent infrastructure...