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PBE Axell Case Studies PBE Axell Communication Data Safety Power

PBE Axell provide a wide-range of state-of-the-art solutions that give our customers a competitive edge. PBE Axell has proven experience of project ownership and delivery, with an integrated package to reduce risk and save capital expenditure. Full suite of solutions for enabling works, construction phases and permanent infrastructure.





PBE Spider Cascade Tunnel

OMNIA Coverage

The design, install and commission of a communications system throughout the Cascade Tunnel in the Cascade Mountain Range located in Washington, USA.

PBE Spider Berlin Fanmeile

World's first idDAS wireless coverage system

Partnereing with Vodafone and Telefónica to implement the world’s first idDAS system, ensuring reliable coverage for one million partygoers during New Year’s Eve on Berlin’s iconic Fanmeile.

PBE Spider Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Public safety TETRA system

Working with ATLAS Telecom PBE Axell provided a public safety TETRA system to the world's tallest building, while utilising the existing fibre backbone within the building.

PBE Spider Heathrow Terminal 5, UK

Telecommunications infrastructure

A complete telecommunications infrastructure was installed for cellular operators, airport operations & emergency services.

PBE Spider Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem

Public safety & commercial communications

PBE Axell installed a comprehensive communication system that supports both Public Safety and Commercial Networks.

PBE Spider Brisbane Airport Link, Australia

Cellular and public safety coverage system

PBE Axell provided both a cellular and public safety coverage system to Australia's largest road infrastructure project. This solution had to support both multi-operator coverage as well as radio broadcast for the emergency and security services.

PBE Spider Lainz Tunnel, Austria

VHF and digital wireless system

PBE Axell provided To implement a VHF and digital wireless system in the Purkersdorf switch hall with Kapsch CarrierCom for the national Austrian railway operator ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen).

PBE Spider Lincoln & Holland Tunnels, NY, USA

Wireless coverage

PBE Axell was involved in providing coverage for the PCS cellular services which later had to be upgraded to support the new requirements that would allow the 3rd generation Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band to be added.

PBE Spider Istanbul LRT

Public safety coverage for police and TETRA networks

Working with AIR Telecommunication Solutions, PBE Axell was commissioned to provide public safety coverage for police and TETRA networks to the stations and onboard the trains themselves, on the Aksaray- Airport metro line.

PBE Spider Stockholm Metro - Sweden

Multiband TETRA system for train operators & emergency services

Replaced the 17 year old public safety communication system with a multi- band TETRA communication system to be used by the train operators and emergency services.

PBE Spider Washington Metro Area Transit Authority

Radio communication coverage to the whole transportation system

PBE Axell has an ongoing working relationship with the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority to provide and maintain radio communication coverage to the whole transportation system.

PBE Spider London Olympic Park

Cellular coverage across the Olympic park

PBE Axell worked closely with JOOG (Joint Operators Olympics Group) to deliver cellular coverage across the entire Olympic park and associate venues.

PBE Spider Blanchard Springs Caverns

Real-time communications throughout the caverns

PBE Axell solved difficult communications challenges and improved safety in the caverns, providing real-time communications, tracking, video and Wi-Fi capabilities.

PBE Spider Goldcorp Musselwhite Mine

Proximity Alert System throughout the mine

PBE Axell solved obstacle and personnel detection challenges and provided a reliable proximity alert system to improve safety.

PBE Spider NYPA Niagara Plant Facility

Communications solutions throughout the facility

PBE Axell solved difficult communication challenges and provided reliable cellular coverage within the NYPA Niagara Plant Facility.