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PAS Collision Avoidance

Designed to enhance workplace safety by reducing risk of collision

With a low cost of ownership PAS units can be reconfigured to suite different vehicle types. The systems use of multiple detection technologies simultaneously, offers a safer and more reliable solution with versatile configurations allowing for multiple warning scenarios and eliminating false alarms. The software backend to the PAS system allows for accurate reporting and control of worksites.

PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System) Logo

Dynamic Projected Detection Angle (DPDA)

Allows a vehicle’s L9 Canbus and relay actions to be restricted

Dynamic Zoning

Allows a vehicle’s detection and alerting zones to dynamically tighten or broaden proportionally with the speed of the vehicle

Overspeed Alerts

Configurable speed limits for an entire site and/or per geofence display provides audible and visual alerts. Speed limits can be set based on angle of inclination

Emergency Remote Stop

With a configurable activation range PT-Tag can issue L9 stop commands to a vehicle in emergencies, the command can be deactivated by the tag or when the tag is removed from high-risk zone

Maintenance Bypass Mode

Suppresses all CANbus commands, relay outputs and alerts time setting is configurable. Unit resets to normal-mode automatically after time elapses


Temporarily suppress alarms and actions generated from an interaction with a specific vehicle. Used when two vehicles are close to one another to perform a controlled task, such as when loader and haulage truck are gathering bulk materials


Temporarily suppress alarms and actions generated from an interaction with a specific tag. This is useful for instances in which one or multiple tags must be very close or inside of a vehicle, such as when any driver enters a vehicle with their personnel tag

Low tag battery

Display indicates all tags within its zones with a low battery

Authorised Drivers

Ensure only trained, authorised drivers are able to operate a given vehicle containing a PAS system

System Caution/Faults

Caution is a system alarm indicating high system traffic that could impact the accuracy/performance of the PAS system.
Deem the system to be inoperable under the commissioned performance specifications

PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System)

PAS system is ISO 21815-2 2021 compliant meeting level 7, 8 and 9 standards for

Vehcle to Vehcile (VTV), Vehicle to Person (VTP), Vehcile to Obsticle (VTO) & Vehicle to Geo-Fence

Enhanced safety, reduced risk

A complete proximity alert system for above and below ground detections