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PBE Spider Stadium

Delivering reliable, high-capacity wireless coverage throughout stadium environments, meeting the needs of tens of thousands of people simultaneously using the internet to share their experience.

Meeting visitors' evolving expectations for wireless connectivity

Stadium visitors of today expect to be able to reliably make calls, send messages & stream video within the densely-populated area, regardless of the thousands of other fans doing the same things at the same time. It's reported that during the 2022 Super Bowl over 32 terabytes of wireless data was transmitted within the stadium, with over 57,000 devices connected simultaneously.

With demand & expectation ever-growing, stadium owners & operations teams are turning to internal private networks (such as LTE) that allow venues more control over where, when & how much coverage is available to the public, prioritising the communications of operations & safety teams when necessary. Streamline your venue's operations, increase safety, and offer an overall improved visitor experience with PBE Axell's cutting-edge wireless communication solutions.

Wider Coverage

Ensure full network coverage throughout key areas of the stadium, including wide open areas and hard-to-reach zones

Higher Capacity

Support more devices connected to your network(s) simultaneously, allowing visitors to call, message, stream & share their experience freely without restrictions or bottlenecks

Increased Control

Govern where, when & how much coverage is available as well as how resources are prioritised at peak times or in emergency situations

Improved Performance

Ensure high-speeds, low latency & continuous connection to support the operations of venue staff as well as the experience of your visitors

PBE Spider Stadium Distributed Antenna Systems

State-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that provide a competitive edge

Enhanced wireless coverage

PBE Axell operates globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

Distributed Antenna Systems 


PBE Spider Stadium LTE Solutions

Smart connectivity solutions to improve safety, sustainability, productivity & efficiency

Reliable, efficient, secure & flexible

PBE Axell private LTE networks keep visitors and staff connected within the stadium, ensuring a reliable internet connection that supports high-speed communication as well as data & streaming. PBE Axell design & install Stadium LTE solutions that fulfil the latest connectivity requirements by providing reliable capacity to all visitors as well as operations & security staff within the densely-populated environment.

LTE Solutions 

Private LTE network solutions

Dedicated to maximising your:

PBE Spider Stadium Wireless Network Solutions

Minimise deployment & maintenance costs while maximising integrity

Wi-Fi & Mesh Systems

High-speed internet and data connectivity has become the expected norm in modern stadiums, with technology constantly improving. PBE Axell ensures that wireless communication systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement. Industrial grade mesh and Wi-Fi solutions can be deployed within complex or confined space environments to ensure your visitors always have a reliable & effective connection available.

Wireless Networks 


PBE Spider Stadium Case Studies

PBE Spider London Olympic Park

Cellular coverage across the Olympic park

PBE Axell worked closely with JOOG (Joint Operators Olympics Group) to deliver cellular coverage across the entire Olympic park and associate venues.

PBE Axell provide data & communications solutions for Stadium applications

Complete communications solutions from PBE Axell