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PBE Spider In-Building

80% of cellular demand is inside of buildings, fast-and-reliable cellular coverage is a basic expectation. PBE Axell deliver a range of products for in-building markets featuring wireless and public safety coverage that keep vital systems and communications operational at all times.

Keep up with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth

The stratospheric growth in the use of mobile devices has meant that the provision of wireless communication within the majority of buildings has become not only expected, but in many instances mandatory. Both mobile and public safety operators face the challenge of delivering comprehensive coverage within a building in an affordable manner. Communication is an essential element when providing responce in a crisis. PBE Axell deliver First Responder/Administrator solutions to improve overall operational capabilities and critical reliability.

The ability to achieve good quality coverage from external base stations is increasingly difficult, due to environmental legislation around building construction, which not only improves thermal efficiency, but also effectively shields the building from a wireless respective. Our comprehensive range of in-building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings ensuring high-quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.

Wider Coverage

Ensure network coverage throughout the entire building, including hard-to-reach areas and through materials that may typically block signals

Higher Capacity

Support more traffic and devices connected to your network(s) simultaneously, ensuring internet access is available to all users & staff at all times

Increased Control

Govern where, when & how much coverage is available as well as how resources are prioritised at peak times or in emergency situations

Improved Performance

Ensure high-speeds, low latency & continuous connection to support the operations of your employees as well as the experience of your visitors

PBE Spider In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems

State-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that provide a competitive edge

In-Building Distributed Antenna Sytems

Enhanced wireless coverage

PBE Axell operates globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.


Distributed Antenna Systems 

PBE Spider In-Building LTE Solutions

Smart connectivity solutions to improve safety, sustainability, productivity & efficiency

Reliable, efficient, secure & flexible

PBE Axell private LTE in-building networks provide reliable, flexible connectivity and complete coverage for every room in a building or group of buildings. Uninterrupted coverage attracts and retains businesses and tenants, improves productivity for building employees and makes mobile communication more reliable, enhancing both customer experience and public safety.

LTE Solutions 

Private LTE network solutions

Dedicated to maximising your:

PBE Spider In-Building Leaky Feeder Solutions

Strong & flexible providing complete radio communication coverage

Simple, reliable voice & data communications

Radio waves travel through the air omnidirectionally, making radio in corridors or underground environments difficult. PBE Axell’s Leaky Feeder solves this problem by forming an antenna that is installed throughout the area, providing complete radio communication coverage by ‘leaking’ radio signals throughout the environment.

Leaky Feeder Solutions 
PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System) Logo


PBE Spider In-Building Wireless Networks

Minimise deployment & maintenance costs while maximising integrity

Wi-Fi & Mesh Systems

High-speed internet and data connectivity has become the expected norm all over the world, with technology constantly improving. PBE Axell ensures that wireless communication systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement. Industrial grade mesh and Wi-Fi solutions can be deployed within complex or confined space environments to sure your entire building has the required coverage throughout.

Wireless Networks 


PBE Spider In-Building Case Studies

PBE Spider Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Public safety TETRA system

Working with ATLAS Telecom PBE Axell provided a public safety TETRA system to the world's tallest building, while utilising the existing fibre backbone within the building.

PBE Spider Heathrow Terminal 5, UK

Telecommunications infrastructure

A complete telecommunications infrastructure was installed for cellular operators, airport operations & emergency services.

PBE Spider Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem

Public safety & commercial communications

PBE Axell installed a comprehensive communication system that supports both Public Safety and Commercial Networks.

PBE Axell provide cutting-edge in-building communication solutions

Complete in-building solutions from PBE Axell