BDA Tag Reader

BDA Tag Reader BDA  Tag Reader


PBE Axell's BDA-4 Amplifier Maintains Signal Levels and can be used as a tag reader, modem or gateway.

The Bidirectional Line Amplifier (BDA-4) is part of PBE's Leaky Feeder System which provides a reliable and simple to use underground data aquisition and communications system.

BDA Tag Reader System Demonstration  Tech Sheet

Features Overview:

  • Local and optional remote diagnostic
  • Downlink auxiliary band
  • VHF and UHF versions
  • IP55/NEMA4X rated enclosure
  • High noise immunity
  • Ground loop detection
  • Auto Gain Control (AGC)
  • Three Multi-Plaform Communications Adapter (MPCA) slots
  • Quick connect option available for all models upon request
  • Adjusts to minimise degradation of signal to noise ratio

The Bidirectional line amplifier (BDA- 4):

  • Provides remote and local diagnostics to indicate the current state of the amplifier for ease of maintenance
  • Supports voice and data transmission, incorporates bidirectional amplifiers and a third auxiliary band
  • Powered from the Leaky Feeder line
  • Housed in a minimum IP55 rated heavy duty enclosure
  • Incorporates SAW filter design to increase bandwidth and provide solid and consistent RF performance
  • Has three Multi-Platform Communications Adapters (MPCA) allowing functionality expansion using PBE modules
  • Wireless tracking interconnectivity (900 MHz and 868 MHz)
  • Wired interconnectivity on select models (PBE proprietary 4800 BAUD system)
  • Compatible with PBE's Proximity Alert System
  • AGC with Remote
Operating Voltage: 12 - 48 Volts DC
Operating Temprature -20°C to 55°C | -4°F to 131°F
Auxiliary Frequency VHF: 25 - 90 MHz; UHF: 40 - 170MHz
Maximum Gain: VHF: 28 dB; UHF: 34 dB
Weight and dimensions: ~1.8 kg; 220(w) x 120(d) x 95(h) mm