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PBE Spider Rail

High speed rail travel has developed extensively in recent times, with many countries investing heavily in transportation infrastructure to support economic growth. Wireless communications is an integral aspect of this environment for track-to-train communications and signalling control. Equally, connecting the passenger to the outside world both for voice and data services is becoming an essential part of the passenger experience.

Supporting passengers' demand for connectivity on the move

Within metro systems, coverage is required to meet the needs of both the public for cellular communications and the emergency services, who need radio systems to effectively handle incidents and manage public safety.

The vast majority of the world's major cities have comprehensive metro infrastructures to allow people to move across the city in a rapid and efficient manner. Within these underground transport systems communications are key for the emergency services, who need reliable and comprehensive wireless coverage to enable efficient incident management and personal safety. Equally the ability for passengers to stay in touch whilst travelling via their mobile devices is something we've all come to expect.

PBE Axell has a proven track record providing high availability, reliable wireless DAS and coverage systems across many transport infrastructures; our equipment has been installed in over 70% of metros around the world.

Increase Safety

Increase the operational safety of your rail or metro network with real-time vehicle & system monitoring, allowing potential issues to be identified in advance

Higher Capacity

Support more devices connected to your network(s) simultaneously, allowing passengers to remain connected whilst on the move, regardless of current demand

Wider Coverage

Ensure full network coverage throughout your trains, as well as in critical service areas such as underground stations, tunnels, and confined space environments

Improved Performance

Ensure high-speeds, low latency & continuous connection to support your passeners' demands of instant voice & data connections whilst on the move

PBE Spider Rail/Metro Train Safety Solutions

Next generation railroad tunnel communication & data

Introducing PBE OMNIA - 3 systems in 1:

pbe axell products for the rail indusatry

Positive Train

Tunnnel &
Service Voice

communications and data solutions for the rail industry


Your OMNIA system will be fully monitored through our proprietary monitoring system, VANTAGE. This system provides the operator with a full picture of system health in real-time down to the component level, allowing you to see potential issues before they become big problems.

Train Safety 

PBE Spider Rail/Metro Distributed Antenna Systems

State-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that provide a competitive edge

Enhanced wireless coverage

PBE Axell operates globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market & public safety requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

Distributed Antenna Systems 


PBE Spider Rail/Metro LTE Solutions

Smart connectivity solutions to improve safety, sustainability, productivity & efficiency

Reliable, efficient, secure & flexible

Train & metro networks face a variety of challenges such as passenger growth, security and surveillance, and increasing expectations from passengers for a fluid digital experience.

PBE Axell's private, dedicated, 5G-ready operational LTE networks provide easy-to-deploy connectivity that ensures secure, reliable connection together with a seemless customer experience.

LTE Solutions 

Private LTE network solutions

Dedicated to maximising your:

PBE Spider Rail/Metro Leaky Feeder Solutions

Strong & flexible providing complete radio communication coverage

Simple, reliable voice & data communications

Radio waves travel through the air omnidirectionally, making radio in tunnels & underground environments difficult. PBE Axell’s Leaky Feeder solves this problem by forming an antenna that is installed throughout the area, providing complete radio communication coverage by ‘leaking’ radio signals into the environment, reliable and time-tested technology for voice & data communications.

Leaky Feeder Solutions 
PBE Axell PAS (Proximity Alert System) Logo


PBE Spider Rail/Metro Wireless Network Solutions

Minimise deployment & maintenance costs while maximising integrity

Wi-Fi & Mesh Systems

High-speed internet and data connectivity has become the expected norm in the field, with technology constantly improving. PBE ensures that confined space & underground wireless communication systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement. Industrial grade mesh and Wi-Fi solutions can be deployed within challenging areas to maximise coverage available to passengers, operational staff and mission-critical network services.

Wireless Networks 


PBE Spider Rail/Metro Case Studies

PBE Spider Lainz Tunnel, Austria

VHF and digital wireless system

PBE Axell provided To implement a VHF and digital wireless system in the Purkersdorf switch hall with Kapsch CarrierCom for the national Austrian railway operator ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahnen).

PBE Spider Lincoln & Holland Tunnels, NY, USA

Wireless coverage

PBE Axell was involved in providing coverage for the PCS cellular services which later had to be upgraded to support the new requirements that would allow the 3rd generation Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) band to be added.

PBE Spider Istanbul LRT

Public safety coverage for police and TETRA networks

Working with AIR Telecommunication Solutions, PBE Axell was commissioned to provide public safety coverage for police and TETRA networks to the stations and onboard the trains themselves, on the Aksaray- Airport metro line.

PBE Axell provide rail/metro safety & communication solutions

Systems to improve overall passenger satisfaction and critical system reliability