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PBE Spider Airports

In today's fast-paced world, passengers expect seamless and efficient travel experiences at airports. This includes high-speed mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity, giving them instant access to the internet, social media, real-time flight information & mobile check-in. High-speed communication solutions not only meet passenger demands, but also enhance operational efficiency and safety, making airports more competitive in the global market.

Supporting passengers' demand for seamless connectivity

High-quality digital communication systems play a critical role in ensuring efficient and safe operations in modern-day airports. They enable airport staff to communicate effectively across different departments and locations, which is crucial for coordinating tasks, managing resources, and responding to emergency situations. With the integration of multiple functions into a single platform, digital communication systems streamline operations, reduce the need for separate systems, and improve passenger experience by providing real-time flight information, automated check-in processes, and mobile boarding passes. Investing in digital communication systems can help your airport improve its efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction, making you more competitive in the global market when competing for routes.

Competing for routes and therefore more customers becomes much simpler when your airport can provide more attractive airport facilities and amenities, providing rich connected experiences to both passengers companies operating within the building. With the power of broadband and digital technologies, you can build a smart, connected airport that provides more paths to profitability, competitiveness and success. PBE Axell's communication solutions combine connectivity with digital technologies that increase security and safety, streamline operational flow, reduce costs and generate new non-aeronautical revenue.

Wider Coverage

Ensure full network coverage throughout all passenger areas, as well as in critical service areas keeping staff connected to each other at all times

Higher Capacity

Support more passengers connected to your network(s) simultaneously, allowing then to remain constantly connected whilst on the move throughout airport

Increased Control

Govern where, when & how much coverage is available to passengers as well as how resources are prioritised at peak times or in emergency situations

Improved Performance

Ensure high-speeds, low latency & continuous connection to support your passeners' demands of instant voice & data connections no matter where they are

PBE Spider Airport Distributed Antenna Systems

State-of-the-art wireless coverage solutions that provide a competitive edge

Enhanced wireless coverage

PBE Axell operates globally in the provision of advanced wireless coverage and capacity delivery systems, producing innovative, cost-effective and robust solutions that address market & public safety requirements for improved connectivity, greater capacity and better user experience.

Distributed Antenna Systems 


PBE Spider Airport LTE Solutions

Smart connectivity solutions to improve safety, sustainability, productivity & efficiency

Reliable, efficient, secure & flexible

Train & metro networks face a variety of challenges such as passenger growth, security and surveillance, and increasing expectations from passengers for a fluid digital experience.

PBE Axell's private, dedicated, 5G-ready operational LTE networks provide easy-to-deploy connectivity that ensures secure, reliable connection together with a seemless customer experience.

LTE Solutions 

Private LTE network solutions

Dedicated to maximising your:

PBE Spider Airport Leaky Feeder Solutions

Strong & flexible providing complete radio communication coverage

Simple, reliable voice & data communications

Radio waves travel through the air omnidirectionally, making radio in tunnels & underground environments difficult. PBE Axell’s Leaky Feeder solves this problem by forming an antenna that is installed throughout the area, providing complete radio communication coverage by ‘leaking’ radio signals into the environment, reliable and time-tested technology for voice & data communications.

Leaky Feeder Solutions 
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PBE Spider Airport Wireless Network Solutions

Minimise deployment & maintenance costs while maximising integrity

Wi-Fi & Mesh Systems

High-speed internet and data connectivity has become the expected norm in the field, with technology constantly improving. PBE ensures that confined space & underground wireless communication systems are always at the forefront of technological advancement. Industrial grade mesh and Wi-Fi solutions can be deployed within challenging areas to maximise coverage available to passengers, operational staff and mission-critical network services.

Wireless Networks 


PBE Spider Airport Case Studies

PBE Spider Heathrow Terminal 5, UK

Telecommunications infrastructure

A complete telecommunications infrastructure was installed for cellular operators, airport operations & emergency services.

PBE Spider Brisbane Airport Link, Australia

Cellular and public safety coverage system

PBE Axell provided both a cellular and public safety coverage system to Australia's largest road infrastructure project. This solution had to support both multi-operator coverage as well as radio broadcast for the emergency and security services.

PBE Axell provide critical communication solutions to airports

Systems to improve overall passenger satisfaction and critical system reliability